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Self Endeavor (The Root Of Relationship Failure) FULL PDF

by Apostle John Morton
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Christian… A title synonymous with son’s of God. But many that carry the title more than lack in their abilities to reflect the attributes given of God. Unfortunately Christianity as a whole has failed to be evidence of the Glory of God among men, but this was the first thing that Christ did in all His works. So how could we possibly declare the deity of the word made flesh and fail to reflect all that he made possible in us?

   From one end of God’s word to the other, we were warned of the short comings that would befall much of the body of Christ. This is the venue designed to give revelation of the elements that have effectually hindered us from walking as Son’s of the most high. The question is what will you do once you know the truth?

   In the call of a modern day Apostle it is imperative that my actions and intent clearly manifest honor of all that God is. Moreover I declare nothing of myself except that I must be subject to the directives of His Holy Spirit.  For even as in times past, a true Apostle must glorify God in all of his endeavors. The mandate to point the hearts of man back to Father God is the sole purpose of my ministry efforts. A messenger need not prove a thing, God will reveal Himself. That is to all who dare to truly seek Him.

   Change isn’t a hard thing at all. the problem is accepting that there is a need for change. If you can muster the revelation of your own hidden motives, I can guarantee that the teachings to be found here will be a great assistance in finding the launch pad for change in your own life

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