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Fear Of The Lord II

by Apostle John Morton
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My most recent post addition to Something to Think About spoke about a conversation that I had with my older sister. The key note to the message was how she gave me a revelation that contradicted an area of my own beliefs. It was entitled Wisdom through fear of the Lord. The title was based around the fact that if we fail to have a reverential feature for God, We’re only concerned with our own understanding and viewpoints. When we were children, we sought our parents for their in sight on our every endeavor, simply because we didn’t want to displease them. We showed them reverential fear. The prime has come for us to TRULY assess that area of our lives. What matters most to you, what you think, feel, and even believe, or Gods wisdom in the matter. This video is the continuation of the first video where I told no one about the revelation that was given. I left everyone wondering. But here is the whole story. I pray that it will reveal some unseen factors in your commitment to the God of all creation.

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