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Relationship Failure

by Apostle John Morton

They say that wisdom comes with experience, but many that experience relationship failure come out of it with a lack of ability to avoid the same old situation all over again. Before I go any further, allow me to make one thing clear. This workshop is not solely based on the earthly relationships of family, social, and work place, but it is first founded in the personal relationship with the God of all creation. The reality of it all is that the root reason for failure in any of these areas is most often rooted in a hidden perspective. That hidden perspective is Self-Endeavor. Self-endeavor changes our perspective on virtually every aspect of life; even our relationship with God.

     Merriam Webster defines Relationship as: The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

     More often than not, the initial area that we relate to one another in is the area of self-endeavor. Everybody’s looking for what they want for themselves. Too often we can see from square one, that the probable union ahead of us has absolutely no indicating point of relation what so ever; but all we can see is what we can gain from the union. I can honestly tell you from experience that most relationship failure does not come from something that occurred along the way, but from disregarding things that were in fact discernable from the beginning. All of this can even begin with our relationship with God, our introduction to Him is based on His love for us and all that He would desire to do for US. With this in mind we go forward on a journey where each passing day becomes more embellished in the me me, my my viewpoint of even our relationship with Him.   

     The teachings to be found in this category of the Blog will uncover a number of not only character flaws, but levels of Spiritual rebellion as well. Listen…Whatever your faults may be; God knows your heart, your true heart. The question I pose to you this day is do you really know your own heart? Many that believe they do only say they do, but they haven’t really taken time to evaluate themselves. So in the failing of each relationship, they can always find fault in another. Within this life you will build thousands of relationships, some of them lasting as little as five seconds as you exit the store and hold the door for someone as you both smile and greet one another. Regardless of how great or small each relationship may be, make each one of them count.


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