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The Un-asked Question

How can a man truly love God and walk in a lack of submission to his will? How can a man know God, and be void of His promises? As we venture through this life, we encounter many crossroad; Be they spiritual or physical they all have an ability to alter the correct path that we desire to walk. With each crossroad that we encounter, there comes the opportunity to take a path that is contrary to the directive that God has for YOUR life. And with each wrong turn, the spirit of confusion is heightened. Now your journey has come to have more ulterior purpose than directive of God. So how do we get back on God's course. And how might I be of aid?​

The purpose of the Apostles corner is to reveal the pathways of deception that have led away from God. In a world where so many have proven the prophecies foretold in God's word by manipulating the truth of His word; the Apostles Corner is intent on pointing the heart of man back to the true revelations of His word and purpose.

Overcoming Addiction

When most people hear the word addiction, their first response is, "Thank God it's not me". The reality is that addiction hides in some of the most unacknowledged places in life. We are compelled to believe that addiction is something attached to your DNA. When it is in fact rooted in spirits of activity that we have manifested and given authority in our lives. This is how addiction can live in places that we don't even see. In fact the greatest addiction ever known to man is one that you have never even heard of...SELF ENDEAVOR.

Or to put it simply, serious determined effort that is targeted on the fulfillment of ones self. Don't get me wrong, endeavoring to accomplish is a good thing. But when self accomplishment becomes the first insight in everything you labor for, there's a problem. Now is the time to find the hidden addictions in your own life

Relationship Failure

So how would you handle an individual who you saw on a daily basis that never allowed you to get a word in on a conversation. All they do is tell you everything that they want from you, and every complaint they might have, and then they jump up and run. Did you notice that I said an individual and not a friend? That's because A friend would never treat you this way. But yet that's just how many of us treat God. We've been taught that he's that omnipotent step father who has to earn our favor by being there for our every need. How would you feel if you created all things are were treated this way? The failure of our Earthly relationships can be rooted back to the failure in our relationship with God. The problem isn't hard to fix, accepting the truth is the battle.

Defeating Self Deception

Preaching serves the purpose of compelling one to change. Teaching empowers with the understanding of what one must do. The power of motivation is to drive one forward with the encouragement to fulfill that which they have come to understand. Sometimes the plight ordained of us can seem unbearable, but not so. It is in times such as this that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit commands and declares the ability to overcome. But the messenger must first believe and walk in a fullness of trust in all that God will say. For if he will does not come bearing the Spirit of hope, how can he impart it to others? It is by this ordinance, that I faithfully stand available for the manifestation of His intent.


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