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The Apostles Teachings

by Apostle John Morton

The Importance Of My Ministry

How can a man truly love God and walk in a lack of submission to his will? How can a man know God, and be void of His promises? As we venture through this life, we encounter many crossroad; Be they spiritual or physical they all have an ability to alter the correct path that we desire to walk. With each crossroad that we encounter, there comes the opportunity to take a path that is contrary to the directive that God has for YOUR life. And with each wrong turn, the spirit of confusion is heightened. Now your journey has come to have more ulterior purpose than directive of God. So how do we get back on God's course, and how might I be of aid?​

The purpose of the Apostles corner is to reveal the pathways of deception that have led away from God. In a world where so many have proven the prophecies foretold of how men would manipulating the truth of His word; the Apostles Corner is intent on pointing the heart of man back to the true revelations of His word and purpose.


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