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A Misconception of Faith

by Apostle John Morton
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Proverbs 14:12-16 saysThere is a way which seemeth right unto a man, But the end thereof are the ways of death. Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful; And the end of that mirth is heaviness. The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: And a good man shall be satisfied from himself.Death in itself is defined as separation from God. Many of us walk about in this life not even knowing that we are spiritually dead…Believing that we know God , but in reality we only know of Him. And in retrospect to that truth, many of us who profess faith, walk about afflicted with spirits of depression, despair, and disease. Missing out on the fullness of his promises because of our inability to walk in the power of faithfulness that was once delivered unto all. Let’s consider the things that may be holding us back from being in that space where God promised to bless us. That space where he declared that we would even be evidence of his glory among men. That place where it is no longer we who live, but Christ who lives within us.

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