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Overcoming Addiction

by Apostle John Morton

Have you ever seen the invisible fence that’s used to keep the dog in the yard? Well obviously You haven’t seen it, but you’ve definitely seen the effects of it. You install the wire in the  ground and place the collar on the dog. Now every time he gets close to the wire, he gets a little shock. After so long you can remove the collar and the dog will not cross the line of that invisible boundary. He believes it’s there, even after you turn it off. We can be the same way in our comprehension of  new information. You haven’t heard it before so it must not be true.  In the movie the matrix, Neo was confronted with the prospect that he was living in a comatose state where all the activities of his life were actually being fed to his brain from a computer program. In the confrontation Neo was offered the opportunity to accept the probability of this adverse reality, or reject it by performing one of two actions. We can get to place where we only trust what we have come to know. The sad part is that some can be in a place where they literally know absolutely nothing. But that what we trust in.

      Have you come to know so much that you no longer have room to consider the unknown, Are you so satisfied with what you that you no longer desire more. Most of our intellectual failures in life come from not misunderstanding but a lack of understanding. The scriptures tell us with all that you get, get understanding. Let me tell you something. I suffered at the hand of what would be called crack cocaine addiction for a number of years. Never knowing that my freedom would come from the understanding of things not seen. I’ve served as two of the worse things on the planet, a Capitol Hill lobbyist and, a crack head. The question is which one is worse? At least the crack head knows he has a problem. So many today walk this life out with a self glorifying belief that they have it all together. But this part of our ministry was not only developed to provide spiritual healing to those with life dilapidating addictions, But also to bring the revelation of hidden affliction to those who are trapped in the matrix. Addiction is a lot more than many have come to understand. But only because they have yet to see the revelation of the truth. That time of revelation can be right now, that you might begin your journey out. The choice is your.  


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