• Apostle John Morton

What Is Spirit Filled

Exactly what is filled, and what has stopped us from effectually maintaining the evidence thereof. To begin with, let’s depict what filled is. Take an everyday drinking glass, drop two nickels in the bottom, and fill it to the very top until it’s overflowing with water. Is the glass full? If you say no, you’re not only wrong, but you’re right as well. This vessel was designed to hold liquid for the purpose of consumption, it is in fact filled. But the presence of something unacceptable to the purpose of the liquid has made it unacceptable in totality. Some would drink it, but many would not. This in essence is a very clear picture of many Christians today. There is an abundance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, but He is forced to share space with an assortment of small factors, circumstances and conditions. Therefore we are filled, but that which fills us is diluted with the bulk of unwarranted things. He was invited into occupied space; space that should have been completely emptied at His arrival. This in essence explains why we encounter many people who have met OUR qualification for being filled with the Spirit, and are known at times to motivate the gates of hell more than anyone in the church. We all bear shortcomings and fall short of the Glory of God, but them that are of His Spirit must discern the lack within and deal with it. Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. (Mathew 7:17) You can’t get gasoline out of water, or water out of Gas. Those that are truly the Sons of God must grow in acknowledgement of the enemies vices in there lives. The world has watched us with the hope of finding that there is hope in what we say. But too often they have their hopes dashed by an un-anointed experience with a Christian. Bitter and sweet water cannot come from the same fountain, but because of adverse elements in the house, not everything that comes out of us is Christ. Cleaning the house is not a one time requirement. The circumstances of life can expose us to many heart wrenching moments. Therefore we must continually evaluate the cleanliness of our inner temple. But we must first conduct an initial assessment of all that is still with-in. Things that were never really dealt with. BE YE FILLED with the Holy Spirit; that you may in fact be evidence of the Glory of God among men. But don’t let it be by a one time act of evidence that was required of you by man, but let it be by an ongoing assessment of the vessel that we declare to be filled by the spirit.

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