• Apostle John Morton

Self Endeavor: The Root Of Relationship Failure. (Full PDF)


When I originally release this book in March of 2020, I had no idea of it's timely nature. Let me begin by pointing out a revelation given to me in the start of this year. The number 20 denotes one who has infinite potential when it comes to relationships or diplomacy.

The vibration of the number 20 (2020) is expressed when there is a strong need to learn patience so that the appropriate actions can be properly carried out. This year has revealed many a perspective requiring the manifestation of relationship, diplomacy, and patience. Many things have gone awry, not only in the social and governmental perspectives of our nation, but in the trying of our faith as well. So many that believed that they stood on a foundation of God's will, proved that they embraced the lust of their eyes, emotions, and intellect even more. The revelations that have been given to me regarding the transitions experienced in this year is a message for later, but I can tell you that many of us failed the test that was laid before us. The need for understanding how our personal endeavors can hinder our relationship with the Father is more evident than ever. I pray that as you read this book, you will be able to find any lacks in your own walk; that you may gain a closer walk with Him.

Self Endeavor-The Root of Relationship F
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