• Apostle John Morton

Give Honor To Whom It Is Due

Scriptures say that the Lord thy God is a jealous God and he will share his glory with no man. Yet once a year we look at this thing that we call our birthday, and we literally declare that all should worship and honor us for this is our day. He knew me even in the foundation of time and commissioned me into this life. It is even he that has healed me of all my diseases and preserve me from the very bowels of hell. Yet are we willing to receive Glory from all around us that would Proclaim our birthday. Honor not this vessel of Flesh that has not power to preserve itself, but give Glory unto a God of all creation that preserves us from moment to moment and year-to-year... And even in transition from the flesh to the spirit. My day of birth is irrelevant. But what matters is the continued manifestation of the will of God in a life that continues this day. May God give revelation of this fact that all may come to understand that we should not honor ourselves for what only he could do.

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